US Introduces Copyright Small Claims Court

The US Copyright Office has introduced a "small claims court" for resolving claims. The three-member expert tribunal is designed to be faster, user-friendly and less expensive than court for claims less than $30,000 US. Both parties must agree to participate and injunctive relief is not available.

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Copyright Term Extended

On June 24, 2022, amendments to the Copyright Act came into force which extend the basic term of copyright protection in Canada to the life of the author plus 70 years. This amendment was a term of the 2018 NAFTA trade agreement and brings Canada into harmony with the law in the US and Europe.

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Official Marks to be Subject to Summary Expungement

In recent amendments to the Trademarks Act, a new provision was introduced for the summary expungement of official marks. In anticipation of the amendment coming into force, CIPO has issued a DRAFT practice notice for public comment. While overall beneficial, new risks are raised for official marks.

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