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BLAZE IP provides legal advice and services related to the protection of intellectual property in Canada in a manner that respects the client and brings honour to our profession. We keep up to date with developments in the law and we invest in technology to deliver accurate and efficient legal services.

Located in Hamilton, Ontario, we serve Canadian businesses in our local region and across Canada. We also serve foreign businesses seeking to protect their intellectual property in Canada.

We are authorized to represent Canadian and foreign businesses seeking to register their trademarks in Canada. We are also authorized to represent Canadian businesses seeking to register their trademarks in the United States.

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Bad Faith Relied Upon to Expunge Registrations

With amendments to the Trademarks Act in 2019, bad faith was introduced as a new ground to oppose trademark applications and, by implication, a new ground to expunge existing registrations. Relying upon bad faith at filing, the Federal Court recently invalidated two existing registrations.

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