Copyright Lawyer & Legal Counsel


Copyright is the term used to describe a series of exclusive rights associated with the unique expression of an original literary, musical, artistic or dramatic work fixed in any tangible form of expression, including the exclusive right to reproduce a substantial copy of the work.Neighbouring rights are a form of copyright that describes the exclusive rights associated with a performance, a broadcast or a sound recording.

Examples of Expressions Subject to Copyright Protection:

Web sites, books, films, photographs, software, sculptures, paintings, architectural drawings, maps, musical compositions, poetry, recorded music, a concert performance, a broadcast of a football game, graphic designs used as trademarks, advertising and promotional materials, industrial moulds, etc.

Available services:

  1. File and prosecute copyright applications in Canada and the United States.
  2. Prepare, review and negotiate copyright licenses and assignments and manage recordal of such assignments and licenses, when necessary.
  3. Manage international corporate portfolios of copyright applications and registrations.
  4. Send cease and desist letters regarding alleged instances of copyright infringement.
  5. Represent parties in litigation involving allegations of copyright infringement.

Useful Information to Provide Legal Counsel:

  1. Proper legal name of author(s) and country of residence (for each) when work was created.
  2. If author(s) is/are deceased, the approximate date of death for each.
  3. Approximate date when the work was created.
  4. Any available information as to the employment status of the author(s) when the work was created.
  5. If more than one author, any available information as to the contribution of each author to the work.
  6. Proper legal name(s) of all previous owners or users of copyright in the work before it was sold or assigned to the applicant, if any.
  7. Copy or photograph of the work.
  8. Copies of any related letter of intent, memorandum of understanding, term sheet or discussion sheet.
  9. Copy or photograph of any allegedly infringing work.
  10. Copies of any order form, sales agreement, assignment or license agreement related to the work.
  11. Copies of any related written employment agreement.